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You'll be wanting this: Indians and Archaeology of Missouri by Carl and Eleanor Chapman 1989 (3rd printing of the 1964 original). Click here for a glossary of descriptive terms for Native American artifacts. 89mm (3 1/2 in) x 38mm (1 7/16)in.); late Archaic period Short-stemmed Hardin point, 2-5/8" Found at the St. Finder: "[it] has had two resharpenings that created beveled cutting edges and reduced the size of the blade moderately.” Dickson point, Perry County. Charles co., 4 3/8 inches 4 1/2" Leaf Type blade, white chert, found on site 23-CP-273 Cooper County Missouri in 1993. Charles Co., 2 1/4 inches thick and 5 7/16 inches wide. In 1775, James Adair in his 18th Century English wrote a description of the game: The warriors have another favorite game called chungke, which, with propriety of language, may be called ‘running hard labor’.