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The agency meanwhile argues that the woman showed, by soliciting for further clients on the sex chat phone in, that she was capable of gainful employment and therefore not entitled to sickness benefits, according to the Sydsvenskan newspaper.The woman appealed the decision to demand repayment for what she considered "a hobby" but the County Administrative Court (Länsrätten) confirmed the agency's version of events and rejected her advances.

The woman, who is in her thirties, was at the same time employed by a telemarketing firm but argues that she was never employed for more than the 25 percent of work time that the agency had approved.We offer guidance on how to close the IT security governance gap.The company, based at Green Lane, in Walsall, which provides home care services, confirmed one employee was sacked while three others had resigned during the investigation on the back of a national newspaper sting operation, last month.Neohapsis Labs Senior Security Consultant Rob Beck was on an engagement that had him checking out the "burner" feature of a VOIP company.It turns out the disposable numbers aren't being disposed of -- they're being given to the next customer in line.Only 48 hours after Beck activated the "burned" number, Beck said, "I was presented with text upon text message asking if he/she was available, what their hourly rate was, as well as a few much more graphic explanations of specific requests the potential clients would like performed." Burner numbers aren't "fake" phone numbers; they can be used like a regular number, including text functions -- and as Beck found out, also for exchanging SMS photos.