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Only two weeks ago, Adam Lambert was spotted kissing his boyfriend Drake La Bry in the front seat of a parked car in Los Angeles. Sources are telling various gossip sites that the longtime couple have mutually parted ways so that Lambert can focus on his forthcoming debut album For Your Entertainment.

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People expect fireworks and excitement when they go out on a date.

They always expect to meet their future life partner. Instead of a casual getting-to-know-each-other date, it takes on a more serious tone sometimes that it can scare of your potential dream partner.

The guy boiled my rabbit (a reference those of us over 50 will get; those under 50 may not.) As for those books these women could write, three women actually sent me screenplays they had written about their cyberdating lives.) But there are pitfalls, some are directly attributable to internet dating, some are collateral damage. A CLICK AWAY Red flags seque neatly into the biggest plus and biggest minus of online dating."HORROR STORIES" On almost all of my first dates, I ask how the online dating experience has been. "I've met some nice guys, but nothing that made my heart leap." And then, without prompting, I'll get something like, "I could write a book about my dates. You're a always couple of clicks away from 100 other possible mates in your neighborhood; thousands if geography isn't a barrier.Doing so may be a serious mistake, especially if your date does not feel the same way.Do get too intimate with your date too soon, especially during the first meeting or two.You can sometimes feel that physical attraction with your date that can get your hormones raging.