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Commands for updating ubuntu

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Of course, at the time, most everyone trying their hand at Linux knew they were getting into something that would require some work. But even though Linux has evolved into the user-friendly operating system it is, there are still some systems that are fundamentally different than their Windows counterparts.So it is always best to understand those systems in order to be able to properly use those system.You should never upgrade a production system without first testing all of your deployed software and services against the upgrade in a staging environment.Keep in mind that libraries, languages, and system services may have changed substantially.If you are running the server version of Ubuntu or choose to not use the GUI, you can upgrade Ubuntu to a newly released version through the command line apt-get utility. Make sure your current version isn't too old to upgrade through packages.If it IS too old (for example, if you're using a non-LTS version that is a couple years old), then you'll need to grab an ISO and upgrade via CD/DVD.

Many years ago, when I first began with Linux, installing applications and keeping a system up to date was not an easy feat.successfully complete, upgrades between LTS releases are not enabled by default until the first point release, and it is recommended to wait until the 16.04.1 point release to upgrade.On Digital Ocean systems, an upgraded Ubuntu 14.04 system will be left with an older kernel which may not be upgradeable for some time.For example, you can install a new package, remove an installed package, or update all installed packages to the latest versions.What is the command I must type in the console to launch this game?In this example, it's straightforward ("torcs"), but that's not always the case.