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franchise have left Vancouver, the lower tier actors are walking on looser leashes.

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Played by Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford, her parents are a hypnotherapist and a neurosurgeon, who welcome Chris into their tastefully furnished home without so much as batting an eye. Live-in handyman Walter (Marcus Henderson) and housekeeper Georgina (Betty Gabriel) are the only black people for miles around, and to Chris’ eyes, they seem just a little too obedient, moving in an almost lobotomized daze.When not busy with chores, Walter runs at top speed around the estate, while Georgina wastes long hours gazing at her own reflection — zombie-like behaviors whose significance will eventually be revealed, but strike Chris (and the audience) as more than a little unsettling in the meantime.As we look forward to the First World War commemorations, three stark conclusions are hard to refute.First, that in the course of this century we will need a great deal of luck to avoid a nuclear catastrophe. Third, that this can all be traced back to the Great War.And he tries a couple of times to mitigate the relentless picture he has presented of an emotional Terminator.But what he has to say in Why Men Hate Women (Free Association Books pounds 15.95) is unequivocal and challenging.

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But for me, it became suddenly relevant a few months later, when during recess one day, one of the girls in the class started asking each of the boys, “Who do ” Each person she told covered their mouth with uncontrollable laughter. If she knew what a restraining order was, she’d have taken one out.He describes it as 'as natural to men as the possession of a penis' and declares that 'Men are not good to women or for them'.He is a quiet-voiced, middle-aged man in neat, dark clothes and flamboyant tie whose early formality turns to larky laughter as our conversation progresses. He has penned 360 pages under the title Why Men Hate Women, suggesting that, beneath protestations of love and caring, just about every man is festering with hostility.And that includes the chaps with whom so many of us have shared our lives.When you’re seven, there aren’t really any actionable steps you can take when you’re in love with someone.