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See the Aishi family are all yandere's so they would kill of love, Ayato Aishi would kill for Ayano because he loves her..... " The leader somehow hid his blush as the girl hurried back downstairs.

She would kill for her senpai because she loves him. "Ayano," he made a note of remembering her name, along with that warm smile.

Another section of this site is full of funny movies, painful videos and car crashes.

This prototype, based on an idea of our client, is designed for use in a class setting and reinforces basic knowledge of math functions for incoming undergraduate students at Yale.

Ayano has a brother, older one who is just like her but he went away with her mam and dad. To kill all in her way was only a small price to pay.

Ayano does love her brother and he loves her to because she is his blood, he would do anything for her happiness. At the end of a bloodied tunnel awaited a beautiful love, acquired through force and pain.« Ayano Aishi X Fem! Reader » "I didn't know Ayano-Chan could cook like that!

It's amazing how far computer games have progressed.

Humans raised in our perfect automated society must not forget their ancient ancestors and history. Job Bot created Job Simulator to teach humans what it is 'to job'.

All praise to Job Bot, for he is the keeper of human history.

My aunt loves to play all the free games that she can, that she doesn't have to download on her own computer.

One day I went over to her and said " What are you playing? It's about 5 people who went across the Oregon trail and you have choices in the game whether to hunt, to trade, you can talk to people.