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I have prepared a form for inserting, viewing and deleting data and now I want to add option to edit that data but either I am following wrong way to do it or I dont know how to do that. why the datastore is a html, shouldn't it be a jsp?

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Strom Thurmond propped in Congress, and whose fondness for the old ways kept the Confederate battle flag flying over the state capitol until last year.

But Charleston is also the crown jewel of a state desperately wanting to be seen as cosmopolitan and "world class." And if one refocuses the eyes further down the coastline, faintly visible are the massive cranes, vessels and kindred machinery that comprise South Carolina's portal to its global future: the Charleston shipping ports.

After the rise of an international solidarity campaign, the state freed the dock workers on lesser misdemeanor charges.At Swig and Swine, they really go whole hog, and the meats are all tender perfection.You'll have a hard time choosing between the craft beer and the impressive selection of sweet, smooth bourbon, but whatever you do, don't miss the crispy, salty joy of the house-made pork rinds.ILA Local 1422 has continued to be a vital center for community action in the area, including serving as a meeting ground for the Charleston Black Lives Matter movement after the police shooting of Walter Scott in April 2015. In and around the park stand genteel mansions, a slouching white gazebo, and the occasional hoop-skirted tour guide, buttering up a gaggle of visitors in search of Old South charm.These nostalgic flourishes reflect a deeper tone in the port city, run by a good-ol'-boy network just the way one might expect in a state that keeps the very senior Sen.It's a big world and the Black Christian People community wants to help you connect with singles in your area.