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For example, they are ordered to 'safely' dispose of a bomb, and then there is an abrupt cut to them having to do so by hand. Compare Immediate Self-Contradiction and Instantly Proven Wrong where the contradiction is immediate in-universe. Note of historical interest: This was the first trope ever to be put on TV Tropes. It's just gonna be like taking out an appendix - a little incision, snip, snip, snip, pop over with the wire, and the fixture, a little spackle, a little paint... I see a lot of hunting getting done in that scenario. Like Angel and I are just helpless slaves to passion. Doyle: You don't know what Buffy and Angel are doing down there. I'm sure they're down there just having tea and crackers. Stan: So it's either deal with all that, or get grounded for three weeks...

Not to be confused with a Description Cut, which is where a description of what a character is probably thinking/doing is immediately contradicted by the character in question. [Cuts to Jake punching a large and very messy hole all the way through the wall with his hammer, sending debris flying everywhere while Monk wears a face protector and cringes with every swing of Jake's hammer. Cordelia: They've got the forbidden love of all time. Jeremy Clarkson: And then, out of the blue, Nick Mason, who's the drummer with Pink Floyd, telephoned to say that he's got an F60 which we could borrow, if we promised to plug his new book.

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It is the start of 2005 and Geraldine is very keen to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Live Aid.

Ideas are thrown into the air - how about renting the services of Mel Gibson for an hour - or perhaps a truck load of anti-ageing cream would be more suitable?

Instead the Antarctic has been largely a wasteland for imaginative literature. The visual and spiritual superlatives of Antarctica are now frequently expressed through photographs, movies and coffee table books but to a lesser extent through music.

What kinds of tunes and rhythms does the seventh continent inspire? Whatever the answers to these questions, it seems that there is a scarcity of Antarctic-themed music for those with an appetite for it.

Unfortunately, the rest of seem more keen to make the other anniversary, Geraldine's 40th birthday, an occasion to remember...

Alice helps to cement Geraldine's fears of being 'past it' with her stream of insensitive babble and the Guinness Book of Records is dug out by the well-meaning Hugo looking for the oldest women in the world to have babies.