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The politics of dating

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Once we all got ours, our collective dating lives changed.

No longer were we confined to meeting up with women who lived on our block or just a short bus ride away. That increased access led me and my boys, a pack of tall, young basketball playing, DMX loving kids, to the city right next to us where the big area mall was.

As more people broadcast their political views, it’s a lot easier to identify like-minded friends.

Romantically, research shows people tend to choose partners with shared political views, and rate profiles that boast political similarities as more attractive.

And while it’s easy to leave the heavy duty number crunching to online dating sites, we have some philosophical deal-breaker qualities for potential partners that go beyond mathematics.

How does our political direction affect the direction of our Tinder swipes?

A new study out this week from researchers at Yale and Stanford asks whether we prefer to date people with similar political views.

Researchers have known for a long time that people tend to be married to someone with similar political views much more often than would happen by chance.

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Not surprisingly it has become a topic of discussion in the dating world as well.Every Tuesday, when the theater in the mall had half-price movie night—which ensured the young folks would be there—we would drive there to meet girls.And we were most definitely introduced to a scene that was very unfamiliar to us in many ways.How important is it for you and your significant other to share similar political views? Recently, we conducted a poll to determine how political beliefs are playing a part in today’s dating scene.The results are rather surprising, and reflect the significance political discussions have on dating.33% have experienced a “ruined date” because of a date’s political opinions and of that 33%, 18% would not give their date a second chance.50% of both single men and women think that dating someone with opposite political views was fine for the short-term, but not for the long-haul.So what do you do when you find out that great guy is a Democrat? There are challenges ahead, but it’s possible to leave the battleground mentality in Florida and Ohio.