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In Saudi Arabia there are no specific statutes or laws to govern by.The sole constitution that is used is the Quran, which all judges have to interpret conservatively.Abd-al-Aziz Bin-Abd-al-Rahman Bin-Faisal Bin-Turki Bin-Abdallah Bin-Muhammed Al Saud, known as Ibn Saud, takes control of Riyadh, bringing the Al Saud family back to Saudi Arabia, which eventually leads to the formation of the Saudi Arabian nation.The Saudis gain politically and threaten to take over other Gulf sheikdoms. In November, the World Trade Organization (WTO) okays Saudi Arabia’s membership after 12 years of talks. In December, diplomatic cables intercepted by Wikileaks suggest U. concern that Saudi Arabia is the “most significant” source of funding for Sunni terrorist groups worldwide. King Abdullah warns of a “no tolerance” policy on threats to nation’s security and stability.

You may also be a maid working for a wealth family in Saudi Arabia with spacious living quarters, a friendly and helpful family who value you and treat you with respect, conversely you may have to share a room akin to a cupboard with another maid, sexually abused and threatened that you will be arrested if you try to run away and your family will cease to get your valuable wages that they rely on to survive!

At the other end of the scale you could be from a poor part of India and have managed to scrape together and borrow enough to get yourself a job in Saudi Arabia as a domestic in some large subcontracting company in KSA.

You may have found yourself thrown into an untidy and overcrowded dormitory where you are locked away at night to protect yourself from yourself, woken in the morning to be bused to work and escorted everywhere you go.

Life in Saudi Arabia If you are living in Saudi Arabia and from the west then you are probably living in a comfortable villa on a western compound with the facilities that would normally be found on a small holiday camp in the Costa Del Sol.

You probably have a salary that you would have only dreamed of if you were back home and to cap it all you have zero tax to pay and are enjoying free accommodation and schooling also as part of your package.