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Long lines formed in both terminals as security checkpoints were essentially shut down, following the decision by around 370 security personnel to walk off the job.More than 90 flights were cancelled at Düsseldorf airport.The move is the result of a joint push by the three parties which form the city's governing coalition, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), Greens and Free Democratic Party (FDP), the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reports.The "traffic-light coalition" (red, green and yellow are the parties' respective colours) in the North Rhine-Westphalian capital came together on Wednesday to pass a plan providing for a strictly-regulated cannabis trade that would provide the drug to adults.Faced with an intensive cannabis trade in the district's parks, the Green party mayor asked the Bf Ar M for permission to offer the drug legally so as to reduce crime in the area and limit health risks and sales to minors.The capital's branch of the SPD may also ask members whether they are in favour of the policy in a survey planned for later this year.

None of the rumors, though, had turned out to be true.

This would undermine the foundations of illegal trade," they go on.

"We must investigate whether people with problematic consumption patterns can be more easily reached with this form of access and whether harm to health can be reduced by more effective consumer protection." Now civil servants in Düsseldorf must apply to the Federal Institute for Medicines (Bf Ar M) for a license.

My gym membership (at Fit X), for instance, is €14.99/month, which is the norm. Dusseldorf " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="aligncenter wp-image-1610 size-full" src=" alt="Dürenerstraße, in pretty Bilk" width="800" height="800" /, but hey – let’s look on the bright side). Generally speaking, a main meal will cost €10-12 (about £8-10). While living in Germany, it’s often useful to remind yourself that there are futuristic countries out there where you can make purchases using contactless payment.

And getting by here on the average wage is generally pretty easy. A glass of white wine is normally around €4, but you can pick up a decent bottle in any supermarket for the same. Germany, meanwhile, is still partying like it’s 1979: it is almost impossible to pay on card anywhere and in the few places you can, most retailers will insist you sign instead of using this new-fangled , I hear you ask.