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The first three shots from the rifles echoed throughout the cinema hall, startling everyone on our seats. Just when the echo died out, another burst of 10 shots followed before we could prepare ourselves for it.

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But the more the characters shot at each other, the worse the situation got and the motives got blurred.

Even one of the characters reflected on this in the middle of the film with: "I forgot whose side I'm on! This intentional chaos is seasoned with occasional black humour and witty exchanges between the characters, which provides comic relief and some time for the viewers to take a breath between the showers of bullets."Free Fire" is a 90 minutes long Mexican stand-off between characters whose aim is worse than that of the "Star Wars"' Stormtroopers.

However, if all of them had great aim, the film would be over in less than 10 minutes.

With its prolonged, intense action, the film makes sure we got what we paid for.