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No way was I going to allow myself to be shut away from life.I wanted an education, a career, adventure, love, and sex.

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Whether you’re adventuring off into the dating world first time or rolling back into it, this article can help ease your worry and empower you to find whatever type of healthy companionship you’re looking for. And let me share with you a bit of what I’ve discovered — it’s just as dismal as you’d expect.The biggest hurdle I keep coming across is the massive stereotype that we, women in wheelchairs, are “less-than” as partners — someone you should be embarrassed to date, an individual who will bring you down.Then add the fact that you are in a wheelchair and the task becomes more complicated. There are many couples that are together and it doesn’t matter to them which one is a wheelchair user and which one is not.It’s what you bring to the relationship that counts the most.The injury was devastating, but the societal condemnation that came on top of it was worse. In the United States, we were still sterilizing people with disabilities against their will.