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Though the implementation is different from Twitch’s, the goal is the same: it’s a means of allowing fans to pay real money in exchange for attention.(It’s also not all that different from technologies porn cam sites have used in their own chat systems for years, which typically involve the purchase of tokens.) As You Tube explains in its blog post announcing the new feature, Super Chats will remain pinned to the top of the chat for up to five hours, which gives the message a lot of airtime.

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Earlier this week, You Tube announced it would begin showcasing new talent on a weekly basis on its Trending section, while last year it rolled out a new Creator Hub, benefits program, improved support, and others tools, and launched a social network of sorts with You Tube Community.

Super Chat is launching today into beta with top You Tubers, including i Has Cupquake, Great Library (buzzbean11) and Alex Wassabi.

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