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“But now that I’m working on this show, a lot of people are like, ‘Well, why would men be interested in this show?

Who is luke bracey dating

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In conversation, the Sydney native has the affable "guys want to be him, girls want to be near him" thing on lock—a magnetism that has served Bracey well in his adopted home of Hollywood so far, landing him roles in , he'll step into the action-packed role that helped make Keanu Reeves a household name. RACHEL: You were just cast in as the new Johnny Utah, the character made famous by Keanu Reeves in the original. We aren't just surfing; there's wingsuiting and snowboarding and rock climbing and motocross. RACHEL: Do you feel weird about people thinking of you as a sex symbol? Every time I get a job she asks, "Am I gonna have to watch you kiss someone again in this one? It is weird to think about why people are drawn to watching you. There are those moments when you are asked to take your shirt off, and you realize why you are doing it.

In other words, he's hunting for the big waves now—and he loves to surf. COLE RACHEL: Did you always know that you'd be an actor? I thought I'd be a professional rugby player or go to university and get some degree in construction, just so I'd have something to fall back on. " and I say, "You're probably gonna have to watch me kiss someone in most of them, Mom." I don't mind it, though. I wake up every day and look at my own ugly mug in the mirror and don't think twice about it. I think it's important to have a sense of humor about how ridiculous it is.

Her friends, like Miley Cyrus, have told her that she’s onto a good thing, having an Aussie boyfriend.

Luke is older, hotter and so much more fun than Justin," quoted a source as saying."Her friends, like Miley Cyrus, have told her that she is onto a good thing, having an Aussie boyfriend.

"Her friends, like Miley Cyrus, have told her that she is onto a good thing, having an Aussie boyfriend.

They are turning into the must-have accessory for Hollywood`s girls," added the source.

No one I knew in Sydney was thinking about how they might come to America and become a movie star. BRACEY: I moved to Los Angeles when I was about 20, all by myself. I had this moment when I felt like I needed to put on my big-boy pants and just make that leap to see what would happen. A., I was sitting outside, looking out at the city and thinking, "I don't know anyone." I just approached it as a big adventure. I get to go places and do this amazing work—which doesn't feel like work to me—and people actually pay me for it. Please wake me up if it looks like I am missing my flight." A few hours later some big dude shook me and said, "Hey, man, I think your flight is boarding now." It's nice when humanity comes through in the end.

I grew up surfing, which was a big part of why I loved the original.