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set up as a Turret Lathe on an original WW2 Maple Base But also comes with the original Compound and Tailstock, Atlas Motor, Forward / Reverse Switch, NOS 6” 3 jaw chuck, 6” 4 jaw Chuck, Parting Tool, Knurlier, 2 Boring Bar Tools, L S R Tool Holder, Live Center, Spindle Sleeve, Dead Center, Wood Center Driver, Lathe operation Book, Face Plate, Complete Set of Change Gears Includes 2 gears for cutting Metric Threads, Spindle Jacobs Chuck, Multi Position Carriage Stop, Jacobs Chuck w/#2mt.

While the website hosting this resource has been taken down, Rose Tools has given permission to host them here.

Donna Rose Allen still maintains an active website devoted to quality new and old tools.

The catalogs are grouped in alphabetical order, by company name.

When known, the catalogs from each company are listed in chronological order.

176 shows a Ray (1/2x5/8)x5/8 triple socket wrench, stamped with "Ray" and the fractional sizes on the shank. The shank of the bit is approximately 13/32 square, the size required to fit in the drive end of a socket, i.e. The overall length is 3.5 inches, and the finish is plain steel. 223 shows the unmarked thrust plug from the early Starrett No. The patent date refers to patent #943,757, filed in 1908 by H. The company continues in operation today as the St. The overall length is 12.0 inches with the jaw retracted, and the maxiumum opening is 1.3 inches. The patent notice refers to patent #84,605, issued to William Baxter in 1868.

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Starrett Company was founded in 1880 in Athol, Massachusetts and is still in operation.

His wild success allowed him to buy out his old employer and legal foil, Athol Machine Co., in 1905.

Starrett held over 100 patents, including a particularly significant micrometer patented July 29, 1890.

He also produced tools with pre-1900 patents of Frederick A.